UN World Autism Awareness Day: Embracing Neurodiversity and Increasing Access to Early Diagnosis

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The UN held its official commemorations of World Autism Awareness Day on April 5, and we were honored to be the only digital healthcare company to participate in the inspiring conversations. Two core themes were discussed: 1) ways to overcome discrimination of women and girls with Autism, and 2) strategies to create and promote employment opportunities for all people with Autism.

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The Employee Benefit You Are Missing

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 When we think of benefits, what likely comes to mind is Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, maybe Vision Care, and financial benefits such as 401Ks and Disability. On top of that, employers might offer various health screenings, the most typical being for diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, and possibly vision. These are all great! But if you really want to round-out your suite of benefits, support your working-parent population, and positively impact outcomes, read on.

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How to Increase Productivity in the Workplace Among Parents with Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits, healthcare benefits, company benefits

 As an employer, working parents make up a sizeable chunk of your workforce (roughly 30 % in fact). Parenting is a huge responsibility, and it often comes with varying degrees of stress, and a long to-do list. Without question kids are on parents' minds quite a bit - even more so if the parents are worried about a potential issue. This is likely to contribute to trouble with focus, and spending time off-task.

Read on to find out how you, as an employer, can help!

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Why Working Parents are Struggling and How You Can Fix it!

Employee Benefits, Benefits for Working Parents, company benefits

Imagine yourself juggling your work schedule, your work-out schedule, and your various appointments, errands, and other obligations. Now imagine that same scenario, plus handling daycare or school drop-offs and pickups, kid’s appointments, and drop-off and pick-ups for sports or other activities. Multiply that by the number of children you have. Now, add to that a worrisome concern about your child’s development or behavior. How do you feel? Exhausted? Distracted? Stressed? Unsure what to do?

Read on to learn more about giving working parents tools to help manage when serious concerns about their children arise.

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Creating Benefit Programs that Result in Happiness

Employee Benefits, Benefits for Working Parents, benefit plan, company benefits

 When we think of happiness at work , perhaps what comes to mind is challenging opportunities, recognition for a job well done, positive interactions with colleagues, and a fun and flexible culture. And that's all true.

But also it can include the reduction of stress. Sometimes that stress is the type that comes from tight deadlines, or a poor relationship with a supervisor, for example. But maybe some types of stress have to do with employees' lives outside of work, or with the ever-present struggle to balance the obligations of home and career.

We wonder, in what new ways can companies address this in today's increasingly busy world? How can we leverage technology to add meaningful conveniences to employee benefits? Read on for some new ideas.

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How Working Parents Deal with Developmental Delay

Child Development, Employee Benefits, Developmental Screening

Parenting a child with a developmental delay comes with a mix of stress, anxiety, self doubt, and worry, but empowering parents with online screening and parenting tools, customized to their child's particular developmental delay, can help ease the way. Working parents also have tight schedules, and are seeking ways to maximize their time. From seeking and starting early intervention, to working with children through play, discover new strategies that support your employees and positively impact their kids lives as they go through the journey. 

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How to Address Your Employees' Needs if Their Children Have Developmental Delay

Child Development

EAPs and Wellness Programs are a great way to support the employees in your organization. But are your EAP offerings helpful to the parents on your team in a truly meaningful way? Read on to find out what benefit you can add to your EAP program that can help working parents with an issue affecting 1 in 6 kids.

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How Helping your Employees’ Children Can Grow Your Business

Helping employees' children can help grow our business? How? Read on to find out why new benefits that serve working parents are increasingly important.

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How to Help Working Parents in Your Company to Be More Focused at Work

Parenthood is an 18 year job at minimum, and it is done by both men and women, by married and single, biological and adoptive, gay and straight, parents. It's a job that happens on top of the jobs we do to earn a living. Actually, it's having two full time jobs.

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How Companies Benefit from Providing The Right Kind of Help to Employees

Child Development

For most employers, around 30 percent of its employees are parents. Maybe you yourself are a parent. Even if you aren't, you know that children are at the very top of the priority list. You have seen the concern parents express when their child is sick — and it's two-pronged. They are concerned about their child's illness, and about having to run to school to pick up the child, then dash to a doctor's appointment, all while not missing too much work.

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