How to Foster Inclusivity by Supporting Parents

Posted by Michele Bell on September 22, 2017

Helping employees' children can help create a culture of inclusivity? How? Read on to find out why new benefits that serve working parents are increasingly important.


Employee Benifits and Family Benifits



Employees are the foundation of your business. Having a talented team that is focused and happy is vitally important to the success of your company. When your staff is balancing work-life effectively, they have less stress and in turn feel more positive. When the benefits you offer contribute to that sense of well being, they will feel more connected to the company and be more productive.

With roughly one third of employees being parents, it's critical that you consider how their responsibilities as parents affect their performance on the job. Working parents are likely to be some of the best employees you have - experienced, excelling at prioritizing, context switching, multi-tasking, and people management. On the flip side, they also have another critical full-time job that can take them away from work physically or mentally at times.

Benefits that help kids, and directly address the concerns of parents, are a great way to attract and retain working parents, many of whom are the top talent in your organization.

Here's how you can attract and retain the best working parents:

  • Offer choices in voluntary benefits that include online applications parents find useful
  • Provide an online developmental screening tool to facilitate early intervention when needed
  • Create an inclusive culture where working parents feel they, and their kids, are supported




If parents could get their child development questions answered quickly and effectively, without having to wait endlessly on hold, or in a doctor's office, how convenient would that be? If parents could reduce worry by completing a developmental screening to rule in, or rule out, issues it could save a lot of wear and tear. If parents could readily access skill-building activities customized to their child it would go a long way to achieving peace of mind and happy kids.

Other points to consider:

Early intervention. Getting kids the help they need sooner shortens time in therapies, which reduces medical costs.

Efficiency of care. Getting kids to right doctor sooner reduces wasted time and dead-ends.

Positive impact. Getting kids on the fastest best path to great care positively impacts their lives, and the lives of their parents for years to come.


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