How Working Parents Deal with Challenges

Child Development, Employee Benefits, Developmental Screening

Parenting a child with a developmental delay comes with a mix of stress, anxiety, self doubt, and worry, but empowering parents with online screening and parenting tools, customized to their child's particular developmental delay, can help ease the way. Working parents also have tight schedules, and are seeking ways to maximize their time. From seeking and starting early intervention, to working with children through play, discover new strategies that support your employees and positively impact their kids lives as they go through the journey. 

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How to Address Your Employees' Needs if Their Children Have Developmental Delay

Child Development

EAPs and Wellness Programs are a great way to support the employees in your organization. But are your EAP offerings helpful to the parents on your team in a truly meaningful way? Read on to find out what benefit you can add to your EAP program that can help working parents with an issue affecting 1 in 6 kids.

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