The Employee Benefit You Are Missing

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Posted by Michele Bell on November 29, 2017

 When we think of benefits, what likely comes to mind is Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, maybe Vision Care, and financial benefits such as 401Ks and Disability. On top of that, employers might offer various health screenings, the most typical being for diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, and possibly vision. These are all great! But if you really want to round-out your suite of benefits, support your working-parent population, and positively impact outcomes, read on.

healthcare benefits, benefit plan, company benefitsThe working parents you employ make up approximately 30% of your workforce. What new and innovative benefit might they appreciate? With the American Academy of Pediatrics recommending developmental screenings every 6 months, it might be a great convenience to offer online developmental screenings, which can be completed any time, securely and privately, from the comfort of home.

Also, parents don’t really stop being parents once their kids are dropped off at daycare, and they arrive at work. If the parent is worried, concerned, or even stressed about troubling behaviors they are observing in their children, they will be tired, preoccupied, and seeking answers by googling, etc.


By providing a platform like Cognoa, you can make a difference for parents by:

  • Providing a clinically-validated developmental screening that can early-identify risks and empower parents to seek appropriate next steps
  • Providing a consolidated resource they can trust
  • Helping parents understand and track developmental milestones
  • Serving up customized activities that help build skills and support development at home
  • Helping parents understand and navigate the different types of physicians and therapies available
  • Providing a way to ask questions and get answers from Cognoa’s team of clinicians

Cognoa can assist all parents with concerns around development, from sleep problems and potty training to speech delay to ADHD and Autism.

It can give parents great piece of mind to know that their child is on track, but also to know that they are taking all the right steps towards building skills by intervening early if the child needs it.

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